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The Moons Of Jupiter Will Be Visible To The Naked Eye This Week

By Souls of Silver

The planet of Jupiter will be at its closest position to Earth in its orbital path cycle. Last year, it was 11 million miles further from our planet as compared to this year, when it will be at a distance of 398 million miles. We would be able to see this celestial event on the evening of June 10th.

NASA has revealed that all you will need to see the biggest moons of Jupiter are a pair of good binoculars. The biggest planet in our solar system, the gas giant of Jupiter shall be clearly observable to us.

NASA has also stated that the giant planet will be at the peak of its brightness and size this month. It will also be visible throughout the night. Our Sun, the Earth, and Jupiter will align in a nice straight line when Jupiter reaches opposition. So, keep this date in mind and red-mark that evening on your calendar.

The planet of Jupiter will be visible in several cities to our naked eyes. However, NASA recommends getting a telescope or using binoculars to really enjoy looking at this celestial event. You might be able to spot the banded clouds which surround the giant planet. You might get to see the largest moons of the planet. Let’s not forget what a beautiful event it would be. A large backyard telescope may enable people to see the Red Spot clearly.

Jupiter will also be a part of yet another enchanting formation, just five days after – on June 15th. The moon shall form a triangular creation with Antares and Jupiter. Antares is a star which is situated in the Scorpius constellation. During the evening on June 16th, the triangle will be seen from yet another angle, during which the moon will be on Jupiter’s other side.

As it is with any celestial event or even stargazing, the best way to view them is by going outside the city. The light pollution in cities keeps us from seeing our galaxy clearly all the time. You also need to keep your phone far away from you so that your eyes adjust to the lack of light. This event can be enjoyed by everyone – people of all ages.

We hope you do not miss this amazing celestial event.



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