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Pisces New Moon 2019: Make The Most Of Your Imagination Power

By Souls of Silver

Located in the second decan of Pisces, tomorrow’s new moon is truly special. Not only is it perfectly aligned to stars like Ankaa and Achernar, but it also kick starts the effects of Neptune and Saturn when they fall within sixty degrees of each other. Symbolized by the nine of cups, this new moon’s tarot card is the card of wishes. The perfect crystal for healers at this time is the blue impression Jasper.

Governed by Jupiter, all these aspects can combine to make this a negative period. The power of the new moon attunes itself to the vibrations surrounding it and this can be either good or bad. People with evil in their heart could harness it for the worse but at the same time, you can also feed positivity into the new moon. So do your best to keep your focus on all that is good in this world.

Astrological Significance Of 6th March 2019 New Moon

From its place in Pisces, the moon is filled with joy. Female doctors and healers will be granted more power and influence due to the position of the moon according to natal calculations. Though Achernar and Pisces are both religious, they also force you to ask questions. The power to sense incoming trouble is also granted by Achernar. This serves to make us do penance for our mistakes and turns us to the right paths in life.

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What A New Moon Represents

A time of new beginnings, new moons also signify the darkness of the womb. Lacking the Sun’s light, we are forced to go with our guts so the choices we make might not be the best because they are driven by our baser instincts. Practice listening to what your body is saying so that you can differentiate between age old longings from actual instinct. This is also a time of creation, so the seeds you sow will get a wonderful head start on their journeys.

The Influence Of Achernar And Ankaa

A highly religious and lucky star, Achernar is supposed to reward people with fame and prosperity if it is in the right place. It also strengthens your values and your faith in your beliefs. Ankaa awakens the adventurer inside each one of us and makes us more ambitious. This star is intent on finding power and beauty. Nothing but the best will do for Ankaa.

In A Nutshell

Let your imagination soar free with the power of Neptune during this new moon. New breakthroughs in medicine are on the horizon. This is also a good time to use water as a source of healing. Remember that this new moon only heightens what you give it, so stick to positive and unpolluted company. You’ll want your music to echo this feeling of peace and tranquillity. Check out songs that are tuned to 432 Hz.

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The Blue Jasper

Noble, full of purpose, and a stone favored by religious and political leaders, the Blue Jasper represents wisdom and ambition. Keeping it on your person will remind you to stick to your values even when you’re surrounded by less than savory characters. The blue echoes the colors of Neptune and Pisces and teaches us to be brave. Don’t simply stand aside whenever you see cruelty and oppression. The stone will also pull others full of wisdom towards you so you can learn from them and find the guidance that you are seeking.

So, the Pisces New Moon will be a special time for our dreams. Try to live it.

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