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On July 2nd The New Moon Will Bring In Your Life A Surge Of Potent Emotions

By Souls of Silver

When you think of solar eclipses, one thing that strikes you readily is the fact that you will not be able to see the Sun for some time. But interestingly enough, that is not the only effect that an eclipse entails. The effects of an eclipse can last up to 6 months after the actual celestial event. The Solar Eclipse which is approaching us this month is going to be at 38 minutes and 10 degrees from Cancer on 2nd July 2019.

The eclipse will bring you rejuvenation in several areas of your life, namely – emotional issues, heritage/ roots/ past, support, food, security, safety, women’s interests, the public, personal property, family, domestic issues. All of these matters will see new beginnings.

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Cancer Season

Cancer is a sign which is compassionate, caring, and nurturing. Hence, it should come as no surprise that the time that is approaching is one during which you need to focus on yourself.  The very basis of your foundation, the things which make you–you, need to be taken care of. Your deepest desires, your feelings, your instincts, your sense of security and the significance of your family are things you must acknowledge and appreciate right now. This is not the time to shy away from asking for help and support from your loved ones. But remember, it’s a two-way road, so make sure you are present for others when they need you too. You might also end up using this time to embark upon a project to polish and refine your living space.

Furthermore, there will a lot of very potent energy of Cancer around us soon, so you have huge opportunities to make beneficial changes. One important thing to remember is that your career will seem like the best place to put your focus on. But keep in mind that you ought to remember why you’re doing it because self-actualization reasons are ones which are sustainable in the long-term. Just trying to be ‘successful’ professionally will make you end up being frustrated personally. That, in turn, will obviously hamper your professional growth.

The Eclipse

The Total Solar Eclipse is also going to compel us to see flaws, which will stimulate us to begin afresh or redo something. It is important to acknowledge that something must go before it can be replaced with something better. It is entirely possible that you will also have to replace something in yourself in order to make room for something better. Whilst allowing something new into your life is a pretty daunting task, change is inevitable. You must embrace change in order to remain on top of everything.

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The point of the Eclipse is at the Uranus sextile, which indicates that you must anticipate change even before it occurs. It will help you remain flexible and adapt to the times. The only hindrance here is that it opposes Saturn widely, so while you might struggle with adjustments, they’re necessary to enable psychological growth.

You can expect major developments in areas of your life where Cancer reigns supreme in the next six months. Just remember, this is just one in several eclipses which will fall in Cancer-Capricorn. The very first Eclipse on this axis occurred in 2018’s July, while the last one will take place in 2020’s July.

The similar prior celestial activity took place in 2009’s July to 2011’s January; 2000’s July to 2002’s June;1990’s July to 1992’s December; and 1981’s July to 1983’s June.

It isn’t guaranteed that everyone will feel or even realize the effects of the eclipse though. But the ones whose planets bear significant derivation of power from Cancer will feel the brunt of this energy.

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