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New Moon In Gemini – Drastic Energy Changes Begin

By Souls of Silver

The rising of The New Moon on 3rd June will bring a massive change in our energy levels.

The seasons of 2019 have seen quite a lot of major changes so far. It started with the spring season where there was a considerable change on the astronomical planes. Then, there was the 20th of March when the bright and beautiful Super Moon came. This also happened to collide with equinox of the spring season, along with the sun and moon in Pisces and Libra respectively. The emotionally driven Pisces came head-on with the feisty Libra, which further led to a massive outburst of robust energy. It drove everyone to understand their emotional needs while fulfilling their inner desires.

May brought in more surprises with the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio, celebrating the fertility of Earth, and the rare Blue Moon, which we’ll see again in 2021 August. The moon in Scorpio led to more inner revelations about personal and interpersonal issues regarding life and the inner harmony of all the aspects of your life. This was a time of high emotional charge.

New Moon Rising in Gemini

The nuances that the New Moon Rising in Gemini has for each and everyone is quite distinctive in nature. However, there are certain broad traits that apply to all in one way or another.

Innovative ideas and lots of inspiration are what Geminis are all about. Hence, they shall harness such energy during this period of the new moon ascension. Unlike the emotionally charged Scorpio, Geminis are lighter and fun-minded. Versatility and patience go hand in hand, so you have to wait to see if your efforts come into fruition.

You might feel overwhelmed with the huge waves of information coming from everywhere. However, it is important to keep yourself steady. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use this new period of fresh starts and positive energy. This excessive burden of extra information might take place due to the position of expansive Jupiter in Gemini. It is directly opposite the sun and moon. Gemini’s new moon is also the exact square to the Neptune in Pisces, hence leading to this feeling of utter confusion and bewilderment. For people in legal professions, this might give rise to some deceptive behavior from the people working around you.

Pluto is still in Capricorn during the time of the ascension of the New Moon, meaning that there shall be some major reassessment of your life. Pluto tends to disrupt strong structures of power.

The way out of this chaos is to slowly take control of specific parts of your life by embracing the change taking place, and then upgrading your lifestyle for the better.  The Huber pattern in astrology talks about identifying a certain streamer. This streamer can direct your life the way it would benefit the most.

To be the one in charge here, you have to distinguish between everyone’s vibes and harness the power of everything beautiful around you. Be extremely wary of manipulation. Direct the power within you for the best.

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