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How Does Your Zodiac Give Off The Wrong Vibes In A Relationship?

By Souls of Silver

Relationships are not easy. When you commit yourself to another, there have to be compromises. If you know what people misunderstand about you, you can work on them and be happier.

Here’s what people usually misinterpret about you, based on your sign:


You can be a sarcastic ass but in reality, you care more than you should. But people often misunderstand your initial carelessness.


In a relationship, you want to keep things light and fun. But this playfulness often projects you are childish- something not everyone looks forward to in their SO.

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Being indecisive is the biggest hurdle you have to overcome to sustain a relationship. You don’t want to hurry into the wrong decisions but who’s going to wait around all day for you?


You try to keep everyone happy and don’t express any strong opinions. But this makes you look like a pushover. Time to speak out, eh?


You come off as intimidating when you keep pushing others. You want everything about the relationship to be perfect but try to be encouraging, not pushy.


Your controlling nature comes off as being bossy and that’s not ideal in a partnership.


Your constant optimism and kindness are interpreted as fake by many. But don’t lose heart and wait for the perfect one!


In your quest to be authentic, you dish out brutal truths. Try to focus on the “truth” part and tone down the “brutal”!


You take time warming up to new people and this makes you look way too serious initially. Keep things light, okay?

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You love to have deep and meaningful conversations but the other person often misunderstands it as you showing off your knowledge. Give them a chance to speak too.


You are a laidback person and like to go with the flow. But often people just mark you as lazy, unfortunately.


Being a people person, you love to make new friends. Still, your overfriendliness can be interpreted as being flirty so be careful!

How do people misunderstand you in your relationship? Let us know in the comments!



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