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Discover Your Dark Side Based On Your Zodiac Sign

By Souls of Silver

Every human being has some negative and some positive qualities enmeshed within them. Interestingly, a unified dark side runs through people of the same zodiac in usually the same form. And this doesn’t mean that you are inferior to people from other zodiacs- it just means you have a dark side inside you too.

Here’s your dark side, as your zodiac shines a light on it.


An Aries’ dark side is usually their stubborn nature gone wrong. They are usually very level headed, but sometimes their desires and stubborn nature get the best of them. It is at this point they become intensely violent. And their violence might be a reason for things to go wrong.


These people would never let go of anything that they hold dear. It could be a person, it could be a thing, it could be anything that they are incredibly sentimental about. People belonging to this zodiac believe that it is their personal right to hoard things they like, regardless of whether the item is theirs, to begin with, or not.


You are absolutely unable to decide what your mood is going to be in the next 10 minutes or so. You are usually quite stable, but you might swing between periods of laughter and tears. While this may definitely bother you after some time, it will put your friends and people around you at a loss of things to say or do.

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You are unaware as to how much love people actually bestow on you, which is why you always think it to be inadequate. You think that you deserve a lot more than what people do, even when you might not be loving them to that extent.


Leos are extremely narcissistic, so one can expect a lot of ego problems when around them. They can be nice, they can even be polite, but they can never not be the center of all the spotlight. They want everyone’s focus on them, whether they are doing something or not.

dark side


These people don’t understand the concept of boundaries when it comes to establishing control. They are utter perfectionists and they wouldn’t want to do anything to change that. But sometimes they try taking decisions which might not be in the best interests of everyone around them. This makes them quite villainous to people around them.


You are empathetic towards the wrong people. Your judgment gets awry at times when you are trying to be fair to everyone around you. And while you have the best intentions in mind, you aren’t always going to be impartial.


Scorpio’s dark side is all about being interested in things that are extremely distressing to people. They like horror, the occult, and then try bringing others to like the same things, even when they don’t want to.


Sagittarians make for great leaders, but they can sometimes turn into the Pied Piper of Hamelin, as their words and charisma might attract people to go in the wrong direction. They wield a double-edged sword.


Their ambitions can be a big problem for them. They have a one-track mind- if they decide something, they will go through with that- irrespective of whether someone gets hurt by it or not. They are ambitious, nothing wrong with that- but they sometimes forget people around them.

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To them, the end justifies the means. This means that they don’t really care how they go through with what they have planned, as long as they believe that they are creating a change. Even if they might not be doing anything at all.


They are extremely dual minded. They might believe that something is good, but it might not turn out to be that. Also, what inspired them to be positive in the first place can put negative thoughts in their mind too.

The dark side of every zodiac is present in all of us. How do you deal with yours?



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