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Discover The Secrets Of The Aquarius Zodiac Sign

By Souls of Silver

An Aquarius is a visionary and an activist by nature. They will do all they can to help someone in need, even if that act does not benefit them in any way. 

What An Aquarius Likes

This Air sign lives for long conversations that stimulate their intellect. They are great listeners if you can successfully attract their attention. Aquarius-borns get their greatest satisfaction from helping people and being a part of revolutionary causes that they believe in. Since they pride themselves on being independent and original, they can appear to be aloof and uncompromising to the people around them. But once you secure an Aquarius’s friendship, know that you have gained one true friend who will always be there for you. They love to be goofy and playful around their friends.

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What An Aquarius Hates


Boredom is Aquarius’s greatest enemy. They hate being alone with people who fail to interest them. Since they are natural-born visionaries, they hate situations that limit their intellectual growth. Since they do all they can to help other people, they hate it when someone goes back on their words. They have strong personalities, and so, it can be difficult for them to reach out and understand someone who belongs to an opposing ideology. This Air sign feels the need for constant movement, so staying in one place for a long time can dull their senses. 

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Career Paths For An Aquarius 

Environments that offer development and growth are places where an Aquarius thrives. They love to work with and for a cause. Their professionalism along with their determination highly inspires their coworkers. Professions such as teaching, writing, and acting are a great fit for them. They are great at managing their finances as well. 

An Aquarius is a dedicated, independent, and sometimes unpredictable being. Befriend them, and they will always stand up for you. 



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