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Begin New Adventures: Venus Trine Uranus This February

By Souls of Silver

For those who are going to be affected by the upcoming natal chart interaction between Venus trine Uranus, you are in for an interesting twist on the person you are. Your social life will take off because you will feel an intense urge to have people close to you. This will also give you the romantic push you need. You’ll finally be ready for a serious relationship but it can’t be with a person who makes you feel caged.

The person who will capture your heart has to be interesting and entertaining. Even if they don’t meet those expectations, as long as they are broad-minded and aren’t possessive, you’ll be happy as a person.

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As Venus trine Uranus, this desire spills over into your platonic relationships as well. All your friends are eccentric and quirky individuals. But most of these connections are fleeting because you’re always looking for something or someone new. You don’t expect much from your friends but you also don’t expect them to expect much from you. With you being the social butterfly that you are, you won’t be lacking in friends either. Staying in the center of attraction is easy for you.

Keeping up with the latest technological inventions is very important to you. You also love the latest works of art and literature. Your penchant for both creativity and experimental methods leaves avenues in both the sciences and arts open to you.

The Transition Into The Trine

The desire to experience a new adventure will affect all areas of your life: from your hobbies to your relationships. You will want to love and be loved in return and you might very well meet someone new. Day to day routines bore you so you’re always looking for the next new thing to keep you occupied.

For those who are already in loving relationships, this Venus trine Uranus period will be a time to explore their sexuality. You need to try out new things in bed, otherwise you’ll start trying to stray from the relationship. Those who aren’t already in relationships might have one coming up on the horizon. Being a person with a lot of kinks and eccentricities will ensure that others like you will enter your radar and a new attraction will spark with them. You’ll especially be looking for those who have had experiences that you haven’t had before.

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The person you meet under the influence of this Venus trine Uranus will keep your desire for adventure well satisfied for the time-being but not in the long run. The more popular you become, the more you will want to be free. Rather than planning out every moment, just go with the flow and see where it takes you. Be ready for anything and everything and accept the new experiences that come your way.

Popular Figures Influenced By The Trine

Some famous people who come under the influence of this trine are George Melly, Marie Antoinette, Placido Domingo, Walter Wenck, Robert Redford, Ariana Grande, Franz Schubert, Leon Rooke, Glenn Close, Roy Rogers, Yehudi Menuhin, James Earl Jones, Adam Ant, Alexander Scriabin, Zulfikar Ali Buhito, Juan Garcia Abrego, Robert Schumann.

Upcoming Trines Between Venus And Uranus

18th September 2017

20th December 2017

11th July 2018

2nd February 2019

26th August 2019

28th November 2019

10th October 2020

13th January 2021

19th November 2021

20th September 2022

22nd December 2022

31st October 2022

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