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3rd To 5th May: Weekend Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign

By Souls of Silver

The 4th May brings the New Moon – a major astrological event. It will have a significant effect on our emotions. On top of that, the weekend is also here. How will it turn out? Let’s find out the weekend horoscope:


It’s important to control your overflow of emotions and try to make things work in however way they come, small or big. That’s how life works in general. You must work on the way you are going to create expectations. If you are single, then you should stop resisting. You have to make tough decisions to move out and take a shot at relationships. And while you are waiting for things to happen, be with positive people who push you upwards.

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Traveling is where you will be going. If you change your environment, you will be able to grow. As for your relationships, start by communicating with people properly. A good discussion never goes to waste when it comes to talking to your loved ones. If you are still single, then be open to new possibilities that can come up in the field of romance. You won’t know when something might come up.


If you are staying in your home for quite some time then start by redecorating it. It will please you. Also, let the positivity flow through your home space and see how it will affect your relationships too. Try to be with good people and reciprocate their feelings. It will do you loads of good.

If you are single, then dream big, go inside yourself and find your voice. Do your thing and don’t enter into flings. Long-term commitment is the thing for you.


Relax. You have been working for long – now is the time to get back home and start relaxing. Health should be your priority at this moment. Talk with your partner and go for a great vacation if you have to. If you don’t have a partner yet, then spend some time alone or with a bunch of new people. Recharge yourself with positivity. Things will eventually look up.


Communication is your thing. Express whatever you feel and do not hold back. Personal growth is important but above all, honestly will help your become honorable among colleagues. For singles, if you strengthen your communication skills, then you will have a lot of crushes coming towards you. Enjoy the attention.


If there are plans for your weekend, then go out and relax. You must have a break in-between work. If you don’t, then it will hamper your relationship and nobody wants that. For a single person, love will be in your court. You will have courage and confidence, and this will intimidate many people. But the right person will be up to take the challenge.


Former relationships will rear their ugly head during this period. You better not keep any secrets for your partner. Be honest and nothing in the past can hurt you. If you are a single Libra, be confident about your goals and reach out. You will definitely find some new people along the way and who knows what will follow?


Adrenaline pumping adventure is on your way – go out there and add some thrill. It’s a wonderful way to recharge. If you want, you can sometimes step out of your comfort zone and go for a new opportunity. Just go for a change. If you are single, be on the lookout – your future partner may give you their glimpse. Now, you don’t want to miss that.


You have had a rocky journey but now, it will be smooth. Your time with your partner will be great and your bond will grow deeper now. All you have to do is appreciate life and be positive. If you are single, you may have planned something for this weekend. If something happens and things don’t turn out the right way, then don’t be angry. Everything happens for a reason.


Don’t let emotions be your master. You should know that life may throw us many challenges but that is just to help us grow. You must be able to stay calm in these stressful times. If you are Capricorn and single, then your perfectionism might be getting the better part of you. Don’t always fixate on things – be patient and let things flow.

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Socialize and know that this weekend will be a great one. Your hard work will be appreciated and you will develop spiritual connections too. Passion will reignite with your partner. Don’t miss out on social invitations though. For singles, there will be times of low and high. But you do good things for others and karma will reward you. Just be patient – the universe is looking out for you.


Your partner has shown you a side of reality and though it might be harsh, it is a healthy break from your castles-in-the-cloud kind of reality. Plus, a friendship might become toxic but before you end it, let the other person have their say. If you are single, then check whether you are limiting yourself or not. This weekend horoscope suggests that you should start shedding off some worries and limits and just enjoy yourself. Be happy.

The weekend horoscope is going to be largely positive. Good luck.

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