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5 Life Changing Lessons To Learn From Wayne Dyer

By Souls of Silver

If you are someone who follows spiritual leaders closely, you must have heard the name of Wayne Dyer. He was one of the most influential authors who wrote extensively on spiritualism and was accessible to everyone.

He has played a significant role in shaping my spiritual self. After coming across one of his books did I take the decision to walk down the path of spirituality!

Unfortunately, physically he is no longer with us. He died while being asleep in 2015.

But we all know death is not the end. Wayne Dyer is still trying to connect with us and inspire us through Karen Noe, who is also an author and a psychic medium. In her book titled “We Consciousness”, she has described her encounters with Wayne Dyer as well as encounters with other spiritual beings. I recommend it highly.

Here are some of the most enlightening messages I came across in this book and wanted to share with everyone:

1. Staying peaceful is the means to saving our planet

All around us we witness so much anger, destruction and violence. But how can we save our tiny world from this?

According to Wayne Dyer as channelled through Karen, the answer lies in us becoming peaceful inside out, “becoming an instrument of peace is vital to the survival of the planet.” If you are a peaceful human being, you can tackle your life and the others around like calmly thereby spreading kindness.  Through peace you can eradicate negativity and suffering.

2. Not ME but US

No man is an island; a very famous proverb highlights the kind of interconnectedness we share with our fellow human beings. If one of us is affected by something, there is a ripple effect, unbeknownst to us most of the time that affects so many others around us.

Wayne Dyer preaches through Karen that, “We are all one in love everything else is just an illusion.” It is difficult for many of us to see the bigger picture but it is the hard truth of life. Try to incorporate this idea slowly into your life by consciously using “We” instead of “I” when you are speaking or writing.

3. Your Thoughts mirror your energy

If your mind is mostly occupied with positive, kind, assuring thoughts then you are operating at a higher level of vibrations and if your thinking is directed towards negative thoughts, you are operating at a lower level. All your thoughts give an answer regarding your vibrations.

Thoughts can be directed the way we want them to be directed so it is our responsibility to give off positive vibes by filling our mind with positive thoughts. By doing so, you are also a step closer to divinity.

4. Hair functions like an Antenna

Many cultures across the world believe in the strong intuitive energy that hairs have. They can sense energies around them, and thus work like an antenna. This is what Wayne also reminds us via Karen. The longer your hair, the stronger is your antenna.

It is important for us to chop off our hair sometimes because it absorbs energies all the time. With such burden do we sometimes feel that we should radically alter our hairstyle.

5. The Planet’s Consciousness is on the rise

The arrangement of all the planets along with Wayne, say that our planet’s overall consciousness is gaining momentum

But for this consciousness to display its full impact, all the darkness needs to resurface into the light. It is going to let us face our fears and ultimately help us tackle it. To put it in Wayne’s words, “be thankful because the planet is now rising to a new level of awareness.”

What we all should do at this crucial moment is to inculcate positivity within ourselves and in others, spread love and kindness and mature in terms of our consciousness together.



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