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Empath Greatest Weapon: Catching Lies Easily

By Souls of Silver

Normal people often find it hard to live in a world so consumed by negativity. But empaths are different. Where others see negativity, they see opportunity. They live each moment thinking about what they can do to make the world a better place. No one is irredeemable in their eyes. Love is an empath’s greatest weapon and they believe that they can use it to change even the most hardened of hearts.

If an empath finds out that you’ve erred in some manner or the other, they’ll try to come up with a justification for it even if you aren’t doing that yourself. They believe that everyone can be turned around if someone else would only reach out to help.

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Not Hurting Others

But this is more difficult for them than it looks from the outside. Though there are many good people out there who are truly deserving of help, there are also some evil people who only feel good when they’re causing someone else pain. They’ll even go to the extent of hurting themselves if they think they can cast the blame on you or someone else. Every word they speak will be carefully calculated to hit you where it hurts the most.

They think that empaths are suckers for punishments because they don’t understand why an empath is spending time with them. It is not because they are doormats or pushovers. The simple truth is that empaths are deeply caring individuals and even if they are sometimes used for others’ gain, they will still try their best to help whenever they can.

Empath’s Gift

Highly intuitive and sensitive, empaths are gifted with some extraordinary abilities. They are like human lie detectors because they can see right through a person’s external facade. Anyone who thinks that they’ve managed to deceive an empath is just completely deluded.

The fact is that empaths stay with toxic people because of their belief that no one is too far gone to be brought back into the light. They’re compassionate and kind and they wish to inculcate the same traits in everyone else around them. They don’t think that any person’s personality is set in stone so they’re always looking for ways to inspire change. They know that their purpose in this world is to pull others up no matter how much they may try to push them down in the process.

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However, this doesn’t mean that an empath will just let other people walk all over them. Each empath will have their limits. There are some boundaries they won’t let anyone cross. They may have the patience of a saint but there are certain things they just won’t accept. And rest assured, it is never good to be on the receiving end of an empath’s anger. There is no hiding your actions and thoughts from them.

The bottom line is that we should be grateful for empaths and all the beauty they bring to this world.  They are only trying to help us become the best versions of ourselves and it is always worthwhile to listen to them. And we should always be aware of the empath’s greatest weapon – detecting lies.

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