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Kundalini Awakening: Are You Completely Awakened?

By Souls of Silver

Spiritual awakening is something that many of us actively strive for; it truly holds the power to unlock so many other things in our lives. The energy of life force which you have inside you is called kundalini. The un-awakened have their energies stowed away in the root of their spines, but the awakened ones. Oh boy, the energy transcends upwards, transitioning the being, and activating all the chakras.

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The Kundalini awakening is highly sought after by people of spirituality since it is believed to be a stepping stone to nirvana. However, the awakening might prove to be a difficult time for many, it can be confusing, traumatic, or even scary. But it is a blessing that all of us should have for a more fulfilled life. If you think your kundalini is being awakened, here are signs you should look for:

1. Emotional Reckoning

Your past is making you experience emotions all over again. You might be missing certain things, thinking of why you had to go through certain things.

2. Spiritual Unpacking

You have decided to use your time a lot smarter now. So, you are analysing your past to see how you can better your own future. You have established peace with your past and you have let it all go.

3. Physical Indications

A sudden rush through the spine, crying, sweating, waking up at odd hours. All of these will be felt distinctly in your current existence.

4. Sudden Urges

A need for immediate change has taken its grip on you and you are going to let it run wild. Changing things is most important right now.

5. Your Mind

You realize how you have held back your most powerful tool, from itself and by itself; your mind! You realize that your mind is the best asset that you possess.

6. Synchronicities

Things just work out on their own magically, which leaves you to think it was always perfect, to begin with.

7. Empathy Development

It might be jarring how strongly you will be able to feel the emotions of others, but this is a sign your 3rd eye has revealed itself. You are now connected to the energy of nature.

8. Connection with Nature

Nature is your solace and you are wholeheartedly embracing it.

9. De-Cluttering

Anything which is causing clutter in your existence has to just be kicked out. Simplifying your life has a new meaning now.

10. Breaking Free

The traditions, structures, rituals, and other things which encompass our society seem redundant to you. You strike at the very root of each entity and question its validity.

11. Random Emotion Influx

While you might feel these influxes of odd emotions come out of the blue, they’re just those unaddressed ones from your past.

12. Service Mindedness

Service to other people has been taken into very high regard and the feeling of oneness has become vehement. Gratification from it is intense and of immense value.

13. Gratitude

Even though you have raged about the things before, now you accept them. They have shaped who you are and you have accepted that you would not be you without that experience.

14. Your Life Is Yours Only

Your life occurrences are the sum of what you put out there and now you are acutely aware of that.

15. Divine Connection

You have come to acknowledge and recognize the Gods which reside in all of us, the ones which make us God too, including your own self.

16. No More Waiting

Your life is what’s happening at the very moment, not what you think is going to happen. By waiting for things to happen, you delay your own happiness and now you know better.

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Do you think you are going through a kundalini awakening?

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