Everything You Need To Know About Vega Starseed

By Souls of Silver What is a Vega Starseed? It belongs to the star system Vega which is constellation Lyra's most glowing star. It's said...

Spirit, Soul And Venus Energy: The Secret Of Friday The 13th.

By Souls of Silver Should we consider Friday the 13th unlucky? People have always been associating Friday the 13th with negative vibes and ill-fate. There are...

How To Immediately Identify And Clear Blocked Chakras

By Souls of Sliver The energetic centers in the body are called chakras. In a human body, there are total 114 chakras. These chakras help...

Looking For True Love? Use Your Chakras!

By Souls of Silver Well, the title might have been click bait-y, but let us be honest, who is not looking for true love? We’re all...

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