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New Moon Solar Eclipse Of July – Transform Yourself

By Souls of Silver

The season of emotions has set in so you better be prepared! Cancer’s the sign of all things related to love and nurturing. Home, family, security and feelings are the Cancer’s expertise and they food is their best way of expression! This Eclipse season, with the New Moon in Cancer, Cancerians are more centered than ever.

Emotions are up for renewal. This New Moon in Cancer provides us the knowledge behind all the deconstructing and reconstructing we have been witnessing the past few months. This July, along with the Total Solar Eclipse, we get a renewal of our emotions and the changes will be as unexpected as they will be permanent.

The Charts

The Moon is going to be trine to fantastical Neptune in Pisces. This encourages the flow of tenderness, sentimentality and nostalgia. We will be experiencing compassion, kindness and forgiveness while we prepare for the inevitable change of our emotional landscape.

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We in the United States celebrate our freedom two days later than the Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer. So this will be a time where we seek comfort inside our homes with our family. But more importantly, there will be upgrades and changes in both the home and the family or friends.

This Moon Cycle is very potent with the addition of the Solar Eclipse. This is the second between the cycle of summer 2018 and 2020. This is a gateway into different planes and you will find that you are leaving people behind as you move forward. Don’t worry for the ones you leave behind, they have their own doorways to cross.

The Changes

Awareness is key during this time. An evolutionary process’s been working in the background for some time now. Saturn and Pluto are travelling closer to the doorway to the past. This hooks into the emotional rebooting we experience during the eclipse.

The 2019 New Moon in Cancer is opposite right conjunction between taskmaster Saturn and the South Node. Things which you will be leaving behind will have a sense of completion to them. Saturn will tingle the waters of Cancer with sober thoughts and awareness of the time.

Mercury and Mars are clashing with Uranus. The cosmic trickster and the god of war are in opposition to the agent of awakening, volatility and liberation. Hence our actions and thoughts will be dramatic, fiery and attention-inducing. They will bring forth unforeseen developments for you. These unexpected situations will provide you with exciting ideas. There will be immediate action on these ideas.

In Conclusion

Tangible situations will facilitate departures. Some other situations may upgrade your emotional well-being. The most important thing to remember during this Solar Eclipse in New Moon in Cancer is that you must prepare to nurture – your needs and your thoughts. The Universe will send the energies for taking care of the rest of the process.

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