The Lionsgate Portal Opens This Blood Moon- Are You Ready For A New Beginning?

By Souls of Silver This July was a month of great astronomic significance for us, the beings on earth. We had the partial solar eclipse...

Why You Simply Cannot Ignore the Eclipse Tonight

By Souls of Silver It is not very common that a full moon occurs on the same day asthe longest lunar eclipse of the century....

Experience The Highest Energy Transaction: July’s Lunar Eclipse Is On Its Way

By Souls of Silver This July will be very important for those who have been longing for an energy shift in their lives for a...

The Meaning And Significance Of 777 In The Twin Flame Connection

By Souls of Silver In the world that we live in, everything is connected to everything and once you start finding out about one aspect,...

Mercury Retrograde In July-August 2018; Here’s How Leos Should Gear Up

By Souls of Silver A retrograde happens when any planet seems to give an impression of moving in reverse from our view point on Earth....

Everything You Need To Know About Vega Starseed

By Souls of Silver What is a Vega Starseed? It belongs to the star system Vega which is constellation Lyra's most glowing star. It's said...

Spirit, Soul And Venus Energy: The Secret Of Friday The 13th.

By Souls of Silver Should we consider Friday the 13th unlucky? People have always been associating Friday the 13th with negative vibes and ill-fate. There are...

How To Immediately Identify And Clear Blocked Chakras

By Souls of Sliver The energetic centers in the body are called chakras. In a human body, there are total 114 chakras. These chakras help...

Looking For True Love? Use Your Chakras!

By Souls of Silver Well, the title might have been click bait-y, but let us be honest, who is not looking for true love? We’re all...

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