A Super New Moon In Libra: What Energies Will It Bring This October?

By Souls of Silver We are going to encounter the nearest Super New Moon of 2020 on sixteenth October. The New Moon will be in...

Do You Know How Different Retrogrades Rank In Astrology?

By Souls of Silver Planets of the solar system command much of our lives. When rotating Direct, they send all their positive vibes our way....
blue moon

Rare Blue Moon On Halloween: Are You Ready For This Spooky Luminary?

By Souls of Silver Halloween 2020 is scheduled just before the U.S presidential elections on 3rd November 2020. This Halloween will coincide with a rare...
October horoscope

October Horoscope: How Will The Zodiac Signs Experience This Month?

By Souls of Silver October 2020 is a month of changes and changes. We are starting another cycle, with Full Moons rising on the first...

Make The Most Of The First Full Moon In October

By Souls of Silver October 2020 has 2 Full Moons booked, making the spooky season even more exceptional. It is extraordinary to have so much...
october 2020

October 2020: Spooky Season And A Host Of Cosmic Activities

By Souls of Silver Indeed, 2020 has thrown us plenty of tasks. Uneasiness levels are topping right now. But a relief seems near. Take a...
mars retrograde

What Chaos Can The Zodiac Signs Expect With Mars In Retrograde Now?

By Souls of Silver The warrior planet of action Mars has turned Retrograde on 9th September. This means now we are on a roll where...
full moon in aries

Harvest Full Moon In Aries: Time For Transformation

By Souls of Silver October is presenting to us a ton of lunar vitality. The first Full Moon of the month will ascend on the...
libra season

How Will The Zodiac Signs Cope With The Mars And Mercury Retrogrades This Libra...

By Souls of Silver The Fall Equinox has welcomed the Libra Season for 2020. The theme of balance is reflected in the sign of Libra...
5 Planets in Retrograde

5 Outer Planets In Retrograde: What Does That Mean For You?

By Souls of Silver Having just cleared the fog of the Mercury and Venus Retrogrades, it would seem the months ahead would be easier. But...

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