July Lunar Eclipse Tonight – What Do The Stars Plan For You?


By Souls of Silver

Tonight this world will be treated to the sight of a partial lunar eclipse located in Capricorn. The effect of this July Lunar Eclipse is heightened because it is also a Full Moon night. This particular celestial event will unearth a lot of knowledge that had earlier been buried deep.

Open up during this July Lunar Eclipse!

There’s a lot of energy coming in with this Eclipse. It will radiate from both the light and the dark and will throw a lot of hidden things into the open so be prepared.

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This July Lunar Eclipse is a time for us to let go and to find closure. But there is also a bigger change coming in through its influence. The influence of the Eclipse will teach us to expand the boundaries we’ve set for ourselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Imagine that you’re stretching yourself out nicely. You know how relaxing that feels right? All those coiled up areas in your body releasing and allowing for better blood circulation and energy flow.

All this is well within the power of tonight’s Lunar Eclipse. We’ll be stretched out till we hear those satisfying cracks of knots being untied and stress being soothed away. We will be stretched till we are once more properly aligned with ourselves and with the universe.

Choices will also have to be made in this period. The stretching effect of the Eclipse will feel like you’re also being torn between various paths. Proceed with caution and you will not go wrong because the power of the Eclipse will help you find the answers you need to make the right decisions.

Let go this Full Moon!

Of course, it won’t do to just wait for the solution to be revealed to you. In the meantime, you need to let go of all that is holding you back so that you’ll have the energy to choose what you’re going to do when the page turns and a new chapter begins in your life. While Lunar Eclipses aren’t destructive as such, they do influence you to end things that are already on the verge of falling apart.

There’s a connection between this July Lunar Eclipse and the January Solar Eclipse earlier this year. Remind yourself of everything you’ve learned since and all that you still need to learn but don’t overexert yourself in the process.

Effects of Capricorn on the July Lunar Eclipse

The location of the July Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn brings an added inflow of strength. Though the mountain goat that symbolizes Capricorn is not an imposing animal by any means, it is sure-footed and nimble and can reach the top of any mountain if it so wishes.

Just like the goat, you too can achieve your dreams as long as you allow yourself to be pushed by the correct motivations. Knowing what these are will give you the strength you need. It is important to ask questions to yourself so that your mind expands and looks to different perspectives.

But don’t let the questions overwhelm you and make you anxious. Believe in yourself because you will fulfill your aims. Keep telling yourself that you can do anything, that you’re strong enough to work through anything that comes your way. Tell yourself this a 100 times if necessary till you believe it completely.

When the heavenly bodies come together for this eclipse, it might feel like a power struggle. But in reality, their powers complement each other and they use them to heal and transform us, the people who are caught between them.

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This July Lunar Eclipse is going to leave you feeling like a vast burden has finally been lifted. The free flow of energy within you will invigorate your soul. Be kind to yourself so that all the tension leaves your body leaving it open to guidance and enlightenment. This is an important phase of the year. So be prepared to handle it.

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