How Is The Upcoming Taurus Season Going To Affect Your Sun Sign


By Souls of Silver

On 20th April, the Sun will begin its journey through Taurus. Governed by Venus, Taurus is full of sensuality and earthiness and its energy is powerful but slow in its influence. This is a welcome change from Aries as that sign’s influence had us all on the edge throughout this Aries season. Taurus is coming upon us in spring and it is time for us to put in some hard work so that we can revel in the summer harvest. Here’s what this season will mean for you based on your zodiac sign: –


Take care that you don’t use the combined energies of Venus and Taurus to justify your unnecessary spending. Save up while you can so that you’ll have something left over for a rainy day.


This is your time of the year so use it well. Bask in the light of the sun and let it work its magic to make you happy. Believe and you’ll reap the rich fruits of the harvest soon enough.


In your quest to find your spirituality, you might be flying off into the clouds now and then. Use the grounding energy radiating from Taurus to help you find your center. Practicing yoga and meditation will move you forward on your path.


The Aries season has been tough on you but now you can get out and let your best side shine in the light of the sun. Test out your social skills and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Just relax and have a good time.


You have great ambitions and Taurus season is going to help you rise even higher. Be ready to have the spotlight on you because people are going to start recognizing your good work.

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Expect some changes in your relationships along with the urge to learn as much as you can. You’ll be attracted to complex philosophical concepts so use this opportunity to soak up all the knowledge that you can.