Uranus Retrograde: Expected from August to January

The planet associated with liberation and awakening will be entering the Uranus retrograde on August 19th, 2021. It will remain in retrograde till January...

Law Of Vibration: Use This Law To Your Advantage

You need to understand the 12 Natural Laws, which include the law of vibration, to change your approach to life. The Law Of Attraction...

Toxic Positivity: How To Overcome The Negativity

Toxic positivity is the action when you try to act strong even though you are struggling with your feelings.  You might find yourself in a...

Family Karma: Conflicts Might Pave The Way For Healing

You might get hurt from the small things that families do and it is up to you to transform that sorrow into love. You...

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Tummo Breathing: Activate Your Fire With A Tibetan Practice

There are different techniques of breathing which include tummo breathing, box breathing, and such and they all have different effects. Some of these techniques...

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